Time To Get More Efficient With These 5 Email Marketing Trends

Regardless of what they say, one digital marketing strategy will always remain our favorite that is Email Marketing. Email Marketing has surely taken over the marketing realm by the storm. Whether it’s about communicating with your prospects, enhancing the credibility of your brand, bolstering its recognition among competitors or giving your sales a much-needed push at the back. Email marketing has come forth like a true knight in the shining armor with nothing but a lot of new opportunities for brands that wish to make use of it.

Gone are the days when brands had to solely rely on typical marketing tactics, which were not only time consuming, but also heavy on the pocket.  We should be thankful to Ray Tomlinson, who introduced us all to the practice of ‘Email’ back in 1971. Little did he know that soon this particular idea will revolutionize the marketing practices of today?

Brands nowadays are making full use of email marketing to expand their digital footfall. The upcoming marketing trends and changes might make email marketing worth your shot even more. Now, before we dive into those trends, let’s shed some light on email marketing, shall we?

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing, just as the name suggests, is when brands market their products and services to their potential customers via email. This practice allows brands to build new clientele and retain the existing one, without spending heftily. Email marketing requires a lot of creativity, or the emails will directly land in ‘Spam’ and your prospects won’t even realize that you wrote to them.

Brands that play cleverly and go down the route of ‘personalization’ are the ones that nail email marketing. For instance, writing a boring email to your client about a new sale that just went live is an ultimate spam-material. While you could use that email to engage your client with a simple ‘happy birthday,’ along with a little mention about the sale in the end, and there! That’s an ultimate winner! It’s all about how serious you are about building customer loyalty. Now that you know a little bit about how this thing works, let’s hop towards the trends.

Email Marketing Trends Of 2020


With automation at hand, marketers can save a lot of time creating drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are the ones that brands use to send frequent emails to their customers over a specific period. Automation allows brands to schedule follow-ups, reminder emails and gather feedback from their customers, without putting in much effort. According to Omnisend, automated email marketing works best for grabbing and retaining customers’ attention. Thus, if you’re a brand that’s hoping for some conversions then email marketing automation is what you should do.

Quality Over Quantity

All our lives we have heard our parents, teachers, and peers tell us about focusing on quality rather than quantity and email marketing abides by the same rules. As a brand, your focus must never be on bombarding your customers with email after email. Instead, it should be on sending emails, which are less frequent and more compelling. It’s as simple as sending an email with little text about what your brand is up to these days and the next thing you know, you will notice an evident boost in the click-through rates.

Keeping Things ‘Artificially Intelligent’

With top-notch internet connection at hand, brands are taking assistance from Artificial Intelligence to meet with their email marketing goals. Speaking of top-notch internet, with Centurylink Internet you can carry out hefty business operations, in a blink of an eye. So, if you’re planning of incorporating AI into your existing email marketing tactics, then make sure you have reliable internet connection by your side.

The reason why AI is turning out to be a life-savior is because it allows better streamlining of the tasks, less risky decision-making and helps in improving the quality of emails that you send to your customers.

Reduce Frequency

Your customers do not like to see their inboxes filled with your emails, ALL THE TIME. In fact, 43% of subscribers prefer less frequent emails from brands. You may have heard speculations that this is not it is supposed to be done and rather you should keeping on sending regular emails. Well, that’s not true. When you email your customers less frequently, chances are, they will engage more and your emails won’t ill-fatedly end up in spam or trash.

Three Alphabets, One Acronym – UGC

UGC or User-Generated Content is created by the audience. Have you ever seen emails with testimonials and reviews from customers? Yes, that’s what UGC is all about. UGC gives your customers a reason to trust your brand and with this practice, you might even notice a spike in the conversions. Now, where do you get such content from? All the feedback emails, social media comments, posts, and direct messages, can go perfectly in your UGC emails.

In A Nutshell

Customers are always right, but let’s just not overlook the fact that they are tricky when it comes to keeping a big smile on their faces. With these email marketing trends of 2020, you can take your business way ahead of your competitors. Besides this, the aforementioned trends will allow you to keep your tasks so well streamlined that it will eventually start showing up in your emails as well. Thus, in a nutshell, we can say that the math behind running a business is quite simple and straight-forward. All you need to do is keep yourself well aware of the new trends and you’ll start reaping benefits in no time.

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