Chances Of Hard Drive Failing & Data Recovery Philadelphia

Whether you use hard drives manufactured by the top most companies and have been manufactured using top quality parts and tested under the worst case scenarios, it still possess the potential to crash and lose significant amounts of data. Even the best of the hard drives in terms of performance and reliability can suffer virus attacks, electrical mal-function or any other physical damage.

According to a recent survey carried out, it was found that approximately 95000 hard drives were installed in different systems over the last 5 years and among those hard drives an average of 4 hard drives failed daily. Not all of the failed hard drives were completely replaced and were again functional after a few minor changes and repair operations. Hence it can be concluded that in case of a failure, in majority of the cases, a failed hard drive can be repaired and data can be archived. To achieve this data recovery, one must submit the failed hard drive in the hands of trained professionals who know how to do their job and will assure you a safe and effective data recovery experience.

Since hard drives failing and resulting in data loss is a fairly common concept, there is an urgent need for solution providers and service providers to up their game, stay up to date with the advanced virus attacks, malware functionalities and advanced complex algorithms. The market is a fish market with respect to the options available regarding data recovery. Despite the availability of multiple options in the market, everyone cannot be trusted. A failed hard drive is a complex issue and must be handled with care and expertise.

Among many reputable and renowned names, Data Recovery Philadelphia is one of the most prominent data recovery specialists. The expert teams and experienced engineers are fully equipped and educated to deal with the most damaged and problematic cases. Once you trust them, you become care-free. Not only they deliver the promised service in an efficient, effective and timely fashion but also keep the entire recovery process transparent, safe, secure and cost-effective. Some frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the performance and life time of hard drives have been addressed below:

  • How long does a hard drive last?

According to a recent report carried out by the online backup company Back Blaze, a hard drive last an average of 3 years and some even remain intact till 4 years. The lifetime of a hard drive can be increased significantly by taking care in terms of usage by preventing to attach any un-scanned device, downloading unauthorized or un-scanned software, not installing a reliable anti-virus on your system, not exposing the hardware to any form of liquid or fire, minimizing electrical fluctuations and maintaining a steady flow of current. It’s crucial to maintain a backup but in case you don’t have a backup, worry not experts at data recovery Philadelphia have got your back.

  • Are all hard drives destined to fail?

It has been observed that all hard drives (belonging to any brand or manufacturing label) generally have a life span of 3-4 years and will eventually fail. Life span of a hard drive can be increased by taking proper care but cannot be indefinitely extended.

  • How can you detect your hard drive is failing?

A few key points can be investigated to detect a failing hard drive, which are:

  • If your hard drive makes unusual sounds while functioning such as clicking sound or a weird humming sound, then it must be close to failure.
  • If you are experiencing constant disc error messages and the programs abruptly crash, then it might be an alarm for a near to failure hard drive.
  • If you are experiencing constant error pop-ups during running software, be alarmed.
  • If your computer/system starts to behave strangely and very abnormally (slow speed, misaligned functionalities, abrupt shutdown of running programs), then your hard drive might crash due to a virus attack.

Hence, it can be stated that you are facing a 1 out of 4 probability that your hard drive might crash. It is advisable to stay vigilant and maintain backups and in case of data loss you can contact Data Recovery Philadelphia to get back it. Read more details from here

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