Most Important Players of Indian T20 Premier Fantasy Cricket League All-Time Players

The Indian Premier League is the largest and most successful cricket tournament in the world. What makes this competition such an event is the unique sought-after talent on display, at home and abroad. In the midst of this superstar’s bevy, there is always someone who stands out for his performance all season, earning him the most prestigious player award in the program.

Who Are the Most Important Players in the Indian T20 Premier League?

The MVP Award is awarded based on performance. With 12 seasons completed in the Indian T20 Premier League, there are names of characters that make up the list of the top ten players in the Indian T20 Premier League.

David Warner

Easily among the world’s best strikers in a few years now, David Warner is ranked among the top 10 players in the Indian T20 Premier League. Warner has won 4706 runs in just 126 games, with a good 43.17. If you are planning to participate in dream cricket this year with the best cricket app, you are one who should consider your teams.

Robin Uthappa 1923.5 points

Robin Uthappa has participated in all Indian T20 Premier League competitions to date, including major games to help his teams. He played 177 games, hit more than 4000 runs and donated gloves to keep wickets for a few seasons.

Piyush Chawla – 1932 points

A player many people did not expect to see on this list. Chawla has been impressive in almost every league season so far, counting 150 wickets in the under-eight economy.

Dwayne Bravo 2038 Points

Dwayne Bravo broke the 2000 points limit, although he did not play in one of the seasons due to injury. The West Indian round has been the star of its teams throughout league history, scoring 147 wickets and scoring 1483 runs in just 134 games.

Rohit Sharma 2106.5 points

The Mumbai captain has been one of the most versatile strikers in the league since he started playing. In the 188 matches he has played, Rohit has won 4898 runs, with a strike of 130.82. He took 15 wickets along the way, including an amazing hattrick.

Virat Kohli Points 2119.5

The captain of India and Bangalore is one of the most amazing batsmen in the history of the Indian T20 Premier League. He is the leading scorer in the tournament, amassing 5412 big runs in 177 games so far. His incredible consistency with the bat makes him a solid collector of your Indian T20 Premier fantasy teams.

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Harbhajan Singh 2238.5 points

The former Indian off-spinner player was one of the top scorers in 12 seasons in the Indian T20 Premier League. He is the third wicket-taker in the Indian T20 Premier League, picking up 150 wickets at an attractive economic rate of 7.05.

Chris Gayle 2369 points

The batsman who has caused the most damage in the Indian T20 Premier League over the past twelve years, Chris Gayle is expected to find himself a place in the top three players in the Indian T20 Premier League. He has scored 4484 runs in just 125 games, and gets charts when it comes to six hits, and another 326 in his name. He can also help with the ball in his hand, as he has scored 18 wickets so far.

2.Suresh Raina Points 2532.5

Speaking of consistency in batting, no one can beat Suresh Raina in the Indian T20 Premier League, his left hand being one of the main reasons why Chennai insisted on success in this tournament. He is the second best runner in the Indian T20 Premier League, with 5368 runs in 193 games. His electric installation, safe hands while holding and throwing part-time are the hallmarks that earn him many points.

Shane Watson 2698 points

If there is a measure of everyone around, then Shane Watson is a modern cricket to be considered. The Australian midfielder has brightened the league by playing more than once since the first season. Not surprisingly, he is a leader who has escaped many points despite missing out on one season altogether. In just 134 matches, Watson has won 3575 runs in a 139.53 strike, and has collected 92 wickets in the under-eight economy.

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