The Huawei FreeLace Orange has a unique neckband design that hides a USB-C port. The FreeLace Orange has better battery life and connectivity than its true wireless sister, but is that enough to justify spending your hard earned money on it?

For who is the Huawei FreeLace designed?

The huawei freelace orange, like the new AirPods, is designed for Huawei smartphone owners first and everyone else second. Your phone must support EMUI 9.1 or later to take full advantage of the FreeLace’s HiPair technology, which instantly pairs the earphones with your smartphone when you connect through USB-C. Of course, the FreeLace may be used by anyone, and the lightweight design, together with the good microphone and sound quality, make these ‘buds an enticing alternative for everyone.

The quality of the Microphone

The microphone is of good quality. Noise cancellation technology in the mic reduces background noise, including low-speed winds. The fact that the microphone frequently scrapes against clothing, resulting in an irritating whoosh that is communicated to whoever is on the other end of your conversation, counteracts this.

Know the battery Life: How long needed to get charged?

Our tests revealed a battery life of 12.25 hours, which is much less than Huawei’s advertised 18-hour playback time. However, every headset must play a steady output of 75DB (SPL) according to our testing criteria, which is likely louder than what is required by various industry regulations. Furthermore, most of us don’t or wouldn’t listen to music for more than 12 hours at a time, so it’s still appropriate for real world use. In addition, the earbuds’ 120mAh battery allows for rapid charging. Four hours of replay may be had in just five minutes.

How do you link your phone to the Huawei FreeLace Orange?


If you have a Huawei phone running EMUI 9.1 or later, the FreeLace can be plugged directly into the USB-C port. If you are using a Samsung S10e or another Android handset, though, you’ll have to rely on regular Bluetooth pairing. The procedure is working fine. However, the fact that the FreeLace does not offer multi connection and this is a bit frustrating at some point. You can only connect to one device at a time because of this.

What do you think about the earbuds?

The 9.2 mm dynamic drivers in the Huawei FreeLace Orange earphones offer a pretty neutral sound, though not as neutral as the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The bass response (pink) is significantly enhanced in comparison to the mids (green) in the chart above, resulting in minimal aural masking, but only in predominately bass-heavy songs.

The final note

Isolation, on the other hand, is a different thing. External noise is barely muffled by the earbuds. If you’re surrounded by loud noises, the audio quality may suffer and you’ll feel compelled to turn up the volume. While it may be enticing, you may be putting yourself at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. If that’s the case, memory foam ear tips are a better option.