WordPres Hosting : Is Miles Web Any Good ?

WordPress web hosting is a type of hosting which has been optimized by providing additional features to run WordPress. In the following post, I will help you to select the best WordPress hosting for your WordPress blog. I’m guessing that you’re not looking for the cheapest you’re looking for the best right? but if you get both then than would be cherry on the top.

Behind every successful website you need a trusted hosting provider, and WordPress sites are no exception! If you want your website to have blazing-fast performance, excellent security, and stop causing you issues all the time so you need to move it to a managed WordPress host.

Most hosting companies offer some type of support, but with a managed WordPress provider, you can trust the hosting company support and not only understand it, but there are experts which helps you in offering proper services whenever any issues arises.

A very common mistake many business owners make is choosing hosting company outside India when their target audience is India or Asia. Website’s speed is important as you ideally want a hosting provider that is located in the same country as your visitors or target market. Currently, WordPress is considered as one of the easiest and most powerful content management systems. The software is free for download and use; however, to use WordPress on the web, you will need WordPress hosting. A WordPress hosting definitely improves the performance of your WordPress website. So it’s highly recommended you should be using WordPress hosting for WordPress website. MilesWeb is one of the best wordpress hosting cloud hosting providers in India that many bloggers and developers preferred hosting with them.

WordPress Intallation –

WordPres Hosting

WordPres Hosting

All WordPress hosting accounts with MilesWeb comes with WordPress pre-installed. You can also install new instance of WordPress through Softaculous One Click Installer.

Free WordPress Migration –

Their in-house support team is available 24/7 to help you in website migration and that too at your convenient timing. They help in migration all your website data from your current host to their server without any cost.

MilesWeb is known as the best wordpress hosting in India  as they are best in offering the features and their wide range of features which specifies them best that you can say as rest aren’t like this hosting provides to its customers with their excellent 24×7 support and assistance.

“MilesWeb Managed WordPress hosting features as follows–“

  • SSD Storage – They offer the latest SSD drive storage which offers good storage and improves the performance of the website which is needed.
  • Automatic WordPress update – To prevent your website from hackers the updates are automatically installed on your website. All the updates are installed automatically and no manual intervention is needed which is good as per security.
  • WordPress Pre-configured– As when you host with MilesWeb, your website management becomes quite easy.
  • Fast Provisioning– The scalable cloud infrastructure of MilesWeb helps in offering robust, ultra-fast and scalable hosting for all WordPress sites. You can launch cloud instance just with few clicks and start your next website just in few minutes.
  • SFTP Access – They offer SFTP Access so that there is a secure transfer of files between two network hosts. The connection is secure between the hosts.
  • HTTPS By Default– All the websites hosted with them are automatically configured with HTTPS with as security is the main concern of the website.

WordPres Hosting

  • CDN – As you know Cloudfare CDN helps in expanding the reach of your website. Ultimately improving the experience of your visitors of your site globally.

Conclusion –  

Though lot of hosting companies offering wide range of features you get with MilesWeb WordPress hosting .  Best for the bloggers as the best Indian hosting company with skilled resources and fair price tags, a constant service that will give you a great hosting experience. If you are not using WordPress MilesWeb hosting, I suggest that you try it once and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed as it is quiet affordable and safe.