What Is An SEO Pre-Audit?

To increase the visibility and notoriety of your website, you must put in place effective SEO strategies.

It is still necessary to be aware of the state of health of your site! Your SEO strategy will adapt accordingly to achieve the best result. The SEO pre-audit is the first path to take when you want to improve your site. Don’t neglect it!

What is an SEO audit?

Before defining more precisely what the SEO pre-audit is, let’s first assess the importance of auditing a website.

Two websites dealing with the same theme are constantly in competition to win the first places of the SERPs. In fact, if a site is better referenced than another, it is because it applies the right SEO methods. But, how do you know a priori if you have already adopted the appropriate SEO techniques?

There are as many SEO strategies as there are websites. They must therefore be chosen with care. To find the policies that meet your site’s needs, you can audit your site.

The SEO audit is ultimately similar to a medical diagnosis: finding the causes of an illness and remedying them. Before carrying out analyses, samples or tests, the doctor operates through a questionnaire in order to identify all the symptoms. The SEO pre-audit acts like this questionnaire: it is used to find what is not working best on your website and will direct you to the areas to be audited next.

The analysis of your site can intervene at each stage of the life cycle of your site: its creation SEO content writing services, its redesign or even its migration. It is important to note that an audit must be carried out regularly to maintain your performance.

At the end of this audit, you get personalized and effective recommendations for making improvements to your website.

What Are These Recommendations At The End Of The SEO pre-Audit? And weaknesses of competitors to readjust your SEO strategies

A good SEO strategy allows:

  • to provide a better user experience ,
  • to rank your site or your web pages on search engines,
  • And position your site in the first places of the SERPs.

Why Do You Have To Go Through An SEO Pre-Audit?

A global SEO audit represents a significant budget. So it’s best not to take any risks and go blind. The pre-audit is there to analyze the state of health or the level of visibility of your website. To determine the different parts of the site that require further analysis, we advise you to use the SEO pre-audit.

An SEO pre-audit offers a double advantage: for the consultant and the client.

On the SEO Consulting Side:

  • start on a sound basis before carrying out the global SEO audit;
    • define the workload that will be incumbent upon him;
    • focus on the best tools to carry out the overall audit;
    • draw up specifications with the criteria to be developed for the audit and the corresponding costs

Client Side:

  • define its priorities in relation to the various fields to be covered during the audit;
    • obtain targeted recommendations in relation to its budget;
    • have a perspective on the progress margin of his site.

How Does An SEO Pre-Audit Take Place?

An SEO pre-audit goes through many steps and uses several methods depending on the complexity of the site to be audited. Be that as it may, the pre-audit consists of looking for different indicators to find areas for improvement.

SEO Audit 2023: la guida definitiva in 9 step | Marketers

View Site Visibility History

How to know if your site is well referenced? It is necessary to review the evolution of your position over several months/years. This makes it possible to collect numerous indicators such as the causes of a drop or a sudden drop in position on a given date. This can, for example, come from:

  • of an uncontrolled migration,
  • a page penalized by Penguin,
  • Or badly referenced content on the target request.

Study The Competition Or Benchmarking

On the web, the objective is very often to reach the first pages of Google. Meeting this objective requires remaining competitive: you can only be first if you have other results below yours.

Thus, the pre-audit allows you to shape your competitive strategy. It is not a question of copying your competitors but of advancing at the right speed so as not to underestimate or overestimate your actions.

Examine The Potential Of The Site

Using an SEO pre-audit does not mean that a site is in bad shape. All websites have their strengths and weaknesses. The pre-audit makes it possible above all to find the most relevant areas for improvement to fill the gaps.

At the same time, it helps to identify the strengths of a site to highlight them. This review focuses on:

  • semantic analysis,
  • keyword rate,
  • And the key phrases used on page 1 (on which fall more than 90% of visits/clicks).

Crawl All The Pages Of The Site

SEO covers all pages of the site. It is then necessary to explore all the pages accessible thanks to SEO tools. In order to know the number and volume of pages to be optimized as well as the structural and informational optimization effort for each of them.

You will also know if some pages are over-optimized or if others are not even referenced (hence the gap between the online pages and the pages known to Google) or if there are penalized pages. This information will be invaluable to you.

An SEO Pre-Audit Also Means Analyzing Net Linking

The pre-audit also includes net linking. This is to know if it will be necessary to analyze the incoming links and the outgoing links of the site during the overall SEO audit. You can already spot penalized links, low quality links and authority links.

At the same time, social signals must be analyzed. That is to say the sharing of your content, your pages or your links on SEOBRISK.

Do you want to carry out the pre-audit of your website? Our specialized agency accompanies you from A to Z thanks to its pre-audit: have your website analyzed by our teams around 16 essential control points!