Did you know that people cannot stop watching animated movies and shows in the pandemic?

Let us get this straight; the pandemic has been hard. People have been finding alternate ways to find comfort and happiness that they have lost due to coronavirus restrictions.

While many people opted for portal hangouts and other means, most of the people opted for streaming TV shows and movies on their TV sets and devices.

However, now 2020 is ending with a possibility of leading us to a better year with hope, happiness, and revival of normal lifestyles.

But before ending this year we need to know whether you have watched all the great content available this year?

There have been some major contributions in the animated industry that we believe is meant to be watched and appreciated.

A whip Media Group brand, TV Time, has displayed data contain the most-watched animated series in the pandemic from March 15 to August 7. TV Time is one of the largest TV and mobile tracking apps that has more than 15 million registered users, so we have to trust their word.

Here is the list: 

  • The Simpsons(FOX) *all episodes streaming on Disney+
  • BoJack Horseman(Netflix)
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power(Netflix)
  • Harley Quinn(DC Universe)
  • Castlevania(Netflix)
  • F is for Family(Netflix)
  • Paradise PD(Netflix)
  • Baki(Netflix)
  • Big Mouth(Netflix)
  • The Midnight Gospel(Netflix)

As you can see that Netflix has dominated the list with the most nominations but this doesn’t mean that cable TV didn’t have its time.

In the pandemic, people realized the importance of minimal living and had turned to appreciate basic living. Many people opted for cable TV watching instead of internet streaming to enjoy their pandemic time.

Cable TV services like Spectrum came forward with its Spectrum Select TV Price, to make cable TV entertainment affordable for its customers all across the United States.

Spectrum also delivered high-speed internet service to its customers to let them enjoy hassle-free streaming in the pandemic.

Apart from the list above, we are going to suggest some animated shows to watch before 2020 ends. Here is what made to our very own list:


The show similar to its predecessor, Animaniacs is the faithful update to the old favorite of many.

The show displays amazing supporting characters that make it easy for viewers to hum along with every episode.

The Animaniacs is a blast of cartoon nostalgia and every Fox Kids or Kids’ WB veteran would not want to miss.

If you are one of them then you know what to do.

Harley Quinn

The hilarious yet absurd animated series by DC is streaming on HBO Max.

The show displays Harley Quin and Poison Ivy trying to handle messy relations. While all this is happening, Gotham is going mad in the absence of our very own Batman.

The show is for fascinating for hours and out there for everyone to watch.

Rick and Morty 

Rick and Morty will have you amused right from the series intro. The ridiculous duo find new and inventive ways to end up in perilous adventures across space and time.

The story of Rick and Morty takes you on an endless journey of fantastical places. The show continues to make its audience live and experience the ultimate level of the story in an animated series.

Bob’s Burgers

If you are just not having a happening day in the holidays then you can count on Bob’s Burgers to brighten your day.

Bob’s world is one dysfunctional set of events that you can find painfully relatable but funny at the same time.

Season 11 of the show is no different as this time it using a comforting sense of humor to show the pandemic.

If you want to have a better time in the most trying times then you know the answer.

Make sure you end your 2020 with some humor.

The Owl House

The young girl Lux accidentally falls through a portal that lands her in a magical world.

Lux realizes that magic is real. However, despite having a lack of powers she tries to fulfill her dream of becoming a witch.

Animate Your World

Before 2020 ends, make sure that you can enjoy some fun and cool animated TV series. We have given you the list of the best and our favorite so that you do not run out of content.

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