The Latest Evaluation of HUAWEI Magic Watch 2: New Generation’s Choice

Major producers continue to seize the smart watch market. HONOR released a new generation of smart watches- HUAWEI magic watch 2 at its press conference. Compared with the previous generation, this generation of watches has different improvements. We can see that in the appearance and function. After the product data evaluation, we have more information for smart watches in this area.

Supporting Answering and Dialing Calls and Bluetooth HD Calls

Compared with the first generation, HUAWEI magic watch 2 can support Bluetooth voice calls. You don’t need to hold a mobile phone when answering and making phone calls. You only need to use the smart watch’s external function. It includes built-in speakers and microphones. Although it does not support SIM card calls, it supports high-definition Bluetooth calls. According to the consumer feedback, Bluetooth connection is stable. There are basically no short line problems.

Large Screen, Fancy Appearance

This HUAWEI magic watch 2 is light and thin with a round dial and silicone strap. Visual senses and hand feel give consumers new impact. Users can choose according to their wrists and desired visual effects. We can replace the watchband with one button. The wearing comfort of silicone watchband is high.

HUAWEI Magic Watch 2

Super Endurance, Super Long Standby Time

The endurance performance of HUAWEI magic watch 2 is remarkable. From the appearance, it shows no sign of adding batteries and other accessories. But its endurance has been improved. If turning on all its main power consumption functions, it can maintain a battery life of more than 10 days. This is one of the highlights of HUAWEI magic watch 2.

Complete Functions, Setting All Kinds of Functions in One Body

Compared with the traditional smart watches, HUAWEI magic watch 2 has a great advantage. It is in its complete functions. Ordinary smart watches have Bluetooth call, healthy heart monitoring, heart rate monitoring functions. It has functions of playing songs, NFC card swiping, multiple motion mode monitoring and other functions. Thus achieving real powerful functions. The ultra-high cost performance has become the reason why it attracts consumers. Why not choose it?

The function of the smart watch shows how far it can accompany users in the future. The different functions available for users to choose from show the necessity to use it. HUAWEI magic watch 2 is not only a smart watch with high color value and high performance. It has high cost performance. This is why it is called the choice of the new generation. Because it meets the preferences and needs of modern young consumers. This is in terms of vision, hearing and function.