The basic facility that the handyman business software provides to the business owner is the automation or organization of different business operations from the very start to finish. The business operations vary from business to business including managing invoices, communicating with the clients, job scheduling, quoting, estimating, making and receiving payments, and many more. That’s how the role of CRM for handyman comes into play

What should you expect from the handyman software?

The very first thing that you should expect from your handyman software is that it should be flexible enough to work with your workflow. There should be no need for the business owner to change the infrastructure and methods of carrying out the business operation just to comply with the working of the software. Good software must work with the way you already carry the business processes. 

The CRM for service-based businesses selected by the business owners needs to be functional not only within the office but also in the field. In other words, the software must be reliable and available on each job site. Always look for the software options that provide a friendly user interface in such a manner that it can be used by you as well as your employees on smartphones or tablets through an app. 

All business operations such as managing invoices, quoting, following up the client’s mails, managing payments, appointment reminders, deposits, and others should be carried by the software. Not only this, but the specific software should complete redundant tasks for you and also remind you to do the things that can’t be completed without your help. 

What is referred to as a handyman CRM?

CRM, the short form for Client Relationship Manager, is a particular type of software that helps businesses to organize and manage customer data. The customer data organized and managed by CRM for handyman includes contact information, account history, e-mail addresses, essential notes, and many more.

What features should one look for in a CRM?

The CRM for service-based businesses is designed in such a way that it can help business owners efficiently manage the work in their field. This particular software helps the businesses to keep track of the information of their clients, reminds them to contact their clients, and also stack all functionalities of the other business software with it.

For instance, the CRM specifically designed by keeping your handyman business in mind will help you to store necessary information including the address of the landlord’s property, requests of specific clients, history of invoices, codes of the buildings, and more empowering you to know every important detail about your clients. 

What is referred to as automation and how can it regulate the daily workflow?

You might think of automation as a buzzword, but you might not be aware of its importance. It can seriously reduce the number of manual efforts that are put into day-to-day activities. The main function of the automation software is to complete the basic redundant tasks and also, remind individuals to complete them. 

What software options can you use to get started?  

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Here is the list of some good software options that you can use for giving your business a start.


Jobber acts as one of the significant software when it comes to running the handyman business efficiently. The main function that this particular software carries is helping the organizations to keep all the required information about the clients and businesses in an organized and easy to access manner. Jobber offers all necessities including CRM landscape, automation of quoting and invoicing, electronic payments, automation of client follow-ups, scheduling, dispatching, and many others. With the help of this software, you can have all the required information about the clients at hand in your office as well as the field.

Nice Job: 

If you are looking for a marketing campaign to grow your handyman business, then what can be better than positive online reviews. This is the cheapest, most reliable, and effective method that you can have access to. What can be better than having the software that can help you automate how to collect the reviews from your satisfied customers? Nice Job is the review automation software that not only makes the collection of customers’ online reviews simpler but also provides the feature of CRM landscaping.


The moment your business is equipped with more than one employee is the time when you need to seriously think about team communication. There can be a possibility that things get complicated and, thus, lose their meaning in the translation when you are equipped with the growing team. It is suggested to use communication apps like Slack so that you can easily keep your team in the loop and promote the SAP CRM landscape. This specific app allows one to easily share files and images with their team using different channels and chats. You can not only have access to IM chatting but also voice and video call features.

Now that you know all about CRM for handyman software, what are you waiting for? Get any specific CRM software and boost the productivity of your business.