Medical Emergency Alert System: Need of the Hour

Senior care can be very expensive. It might become impossible to bear the expenses and this is exactly where medical emergency alert system plays its part in reducing the cost of doctor visits and home health care.

Medical alert system can help reduce the cost of senior care to a great extent. Not only the senior citizens but also many people with disabilities can benefit from the emergency alert system. Research reveals that seniors worry about the possibilities of a stroke or a fall, which can suddenly disable them. The physically challenged patients worry about the fact that they might not be able to get to the telephone on time to get help in emergency situations. People with hearing or speech disabilities on the other hand, can find it difficult to communicate with the emergency personnel, when they need their help the most. You might have heard about the ‘magic button’ which can be worn around the wrist or around the neck and can be pressed to summon help when the user is unable to reach the telephone or when they are unable to communicate. The medical emergency alert system adds an element of safety to the seniors and for the physically challenged people’s lives.

Telehealth services comfort and assure people that their friends and family members, with disability or any health issue, can easily summon help whenever there is a need. Fall and stroke are the two staggering issues which clearly show how significant a backup alert system can be. While falls are typically associated with seniors, they are also a much common issue for people with balance related issues, vision disabilities and for people with other kinds of mobility disabilities. In fact, in the year 2005, The National Safety Council illustrated how fatal falls can be. The council revealed that falls stand as one of the leading causes of death for seniors and older adults. Their report also revealed that on an average, “ thousand older adults a year, die from a falls injury.” Possibly this is why fall prevention has been acknowledged to be the most effective method of reducing the number of deaths associated with falling. The person who suffers a fatal fall and has an access to a telehealth service would be able to summon medical aid and assistance within the minimum time frame.

Aside from fall, each year on an average 700,000 people suffer a stroke hence stroke stands as the third leading cause of death and the cause of serious, long term disability in the US. This is exactly where a medical emergency alert system stands as the life saver while providing people the ultimate flexibility to call for medical aid quickly.