Live Chat Is Usually Terrible…Right? But We Are Not…How?

You might have heard about all of the sparkling benefits of live chat but here is what companies using it wouldn’t tell you. It is inevitably consequential.

If you feel that your website has a better chance of surviving then perhaps you shouldn’t take the advice of a random stranger on the internet who says that it absolutely rocks. Of course the benefits are countless. First, you save mobile bills and live chat offers a more easy access to your services for the customer. Second of all, you can persuade the customer into buying more services from you. However, while most of the websites would say that customer is always right, the truth is far from it.


Here are the reasons why live chat is usually terrible but ours isn’t:

Trouble (D/Some) Clients

If you have ever talked to a client online via live chat you’d understand that it is not an easy task. Sometimes the customer is straight up rude for no apparent reason. Just place your hand on your heart and say: “this is not the end of me”. Now the best advice anyone has ever given me is to stay calm and composed. Instead of lashing out the raging fury your aim should be to actually pay attention to his problems. It is true that most companies don’t really bother to check hundreds of messages that they get every day. After all it’s a fuss. Our team actually believes that feedback is how we improve. We take our time into looking at every single message that we receive. The customer is not always right but he might have a genuine concern to be irritated. Once you understand the root cause then proceed to resolve the matter with tranquility. And that is how we are better.


Live Chat

Slow Responses

Slow or late responses from the company are never appreciated by the clients. You need to upgrade. If your live chat support is for 24/7 then try your best to live up to that commitment. I recommend reading the book The 7 Habits of Highly Affect People by Stephen Covey. If you think that your main problem is non-proactively, then perhaps starting with basic would be a suitable idea. If not, then why not try our live chat service. We provide our services for such companies who are new and rather inexperienced.

Proper Responses

Slow responses can be a pain in the neck but there is one thing worse than that and it is getting responses which are nothing but a cyclone of twisted irrelevant statements. Usually the issue with live chat is when a client messages the company and they make him wait for an awful amount of time. And that is because, well, they are contacting someone who actually can solve the problem. Instead of hiring staff for live chat just for the sake of it perhaps you should give thought into something more beneficial. Knowing and then being able to help with the problem at hand is how things should be resolved. Once they know what is causing some of the basic problems only then there is hope to help the customers.

First Impression Is The Last Impression

If all of the above mentioned elements don’t apply to your company but somehow you are still losing your clients then this might be the radical. Are you confident that your staff is well prepared to handle different types of clients? Sometimes the company’s representatives refer to the out of context solutions which makes the potential customer lose his interest. This can be a huge setback for your company. Although with time and mistakes the representatives would learn eventually but it would save you a whole bunch of trouble if you didn’t need to invest so much time into training them first. Consider hiring our outsource live chat service instead of going over the inconvenience of explaining the same problems again and again just to give your staff a hint of what is going on. Our staff is well trained for all types of queries.

Get Feedback

Once you have successfully secured a customer, ask them about their experience with you. This would help you to improve. That is how we improve. Do not be offended. The customer means no ill will. He is just trying to help like you are trying to help yourself. We record these feedbacks about our interactions and then try to eliminate the potential flaws. Keep in contact with the customer and ask questions about the outcome without bothering him too much of course.

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