Learning More About The Samsung Gear 2 Watch Band Review

Last few years have seen several headlines trumpeting it as The Years of Smart Wearable! This perhaps be a bit of an exaggeration, however, the market for digital watches have gone beyond just telling the time. People who follow the news regularly looking for the best smartwatches are eagerly anticipating the rollout of the best smartwatches from the biggest tech giants, and rumors abound about what apps they will support, and how pricey they will be. While they await the future models to be released, they could already be opting for the Samsung Gear 2 watch band review.

People talk in hushed tones about the service with the fruit in their logo, and Samsung certainly leads the market. The Gear2 is, as the name indicates, a second generation smartwatch by Samsung. The company has addressed all the issues that they had faced with their first generation smart digital watch, but they have also make it work longer, appear sleeker, and the go through its menu of apps is even faster than before.

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Samsung Gear 2 – The Best-In-Class Display

Samsung Gear 2 has a bright, big and high-resolution AMOLED screen. There is always a swap with any wristwatch between utility and size. If a smartwatch starts to rival a smartphone for great screen display, it can rapidly become a giant manacle; however, the Samsung Gear 2 strikes a perfect balance between style and utility. The watch appears to be another digital watch and not a phone that has been strapped to your wrist.

Samsung Gear 2 is slimmer and lighter compared to the first generation model; however, it adds the feature of a heart rate monitor, an in-built camera, though it is more of an interesting novelty than a truly beneficial function. With Gear 2, you can control your favorite music, a quite beneficial and nifty feature, and as it sends IR signals, users can even use it as a TV remote. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and it boosts the range of signals to the best of any smartwatch made available till date.

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An Amazing SmartWatch!

The wrist band is durable and comfortable. If you want to learn more, check out Samsung Gear s2 Watch Bands Review for more details. The screen is quite easy to use, and if you find it troubling to operate the screen with your big fingers, you will love the Samsung Gear 2’s organized screen with big icons that act smartly to a mere touch.

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