How To Create Hosting Accounts With cPanel In Reseller Hosting?

When you launch a web Hosting Reseller business, you purchase hosting resources from a parent company, create hosting packages, and sell them to your clients.

The following video explains Reseller Hosting in detail:

Once a client purchases hosting services from you (the reseller), you need to open a hosting account to manage and monitor the services being offered. Also, you need a dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of his resource usage to keep things under control.

Most parent hosting providers offer a control panel to help resellers manage their hosting clients. If you have opted for a Linux Reseller Hosting account, then one of the most popular control panels is cPanel that offers a range of features to help reseller manage their clients with ease.

Today, we will provide steps to help you create hosting accounts with cPanel in your Reseller Hosting business.

Creating Hosting Accounts With Cpanel In Reseller Hosting

As a Hosting Reseller, you offer web hosting services to site owners. Hence, you will have to give your clients their own hosting space by creating a cPanel account. When you purchase a reseller account, you get access to a Web Host Manager (WHM) interface to manage the features of hosting packages offered by you. This interface allows you to create cPanel accounts for your clients with ease. Here are the steps that you can follow to create these accounts for your clients using WHM:

  • Use your reseller cPanel username and password to log in to the WHM administrator dashboard.
  • Under the Menu, click on the option ‘Account Functions.’
  • Under this option, click on ‘Create a New Account.’
  • A form will be displayed with the following options:
    • Domain Information –
      • Domain – This is the domain name for the cPanel account that you wish to create
      • Username – Create a username for the client for easy identification
  • Password – Create an initial password that the client can use to log in to the cPanel account
  • Email address – cPanel sends email notifications to users. Provide the right email address here
  • Package – Choose a package that you have created earlier or from the list of pre-configured packages offered by the hosting company
  • Settings
    • cPanel theme – Choose a theme that is user friendly and appealing to the client
    • Locale – Select the default language for your client
  • CGI Access – Select if you want to provide CGI access to the client
  • DNS – Choose the configuration of nameservers on the server
  • Mail Routing – Select how the server handles emails for the specific domain. You can choose between local, backup, and remote mail exchangers or select automatic configuration detection if you are not sure.
  • Click ‘Create’.

Summing Up

The steps mentioned above can help you create hosting accounts with cPanel in Reseller Hosting. While going through Hosting Reseller plans, ensure that you pay attention to the control panel offered as it can make a huge difference to the way you manage your hosting clients. If you are opting for Linux-based Reseller Hosting plans, then remember that the best Hosting Reseller control panel is cPanel since it offers a simple and efficient way to manage your hosting business. Create packages and configure accounts with ease using cPanel and drive your business to the dizzying heights of success. Good Luck!

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