How a Digital Mailroom Can Help Your Business

Companies that receive a large amount of physical mail have a lot to gain by implementing a digital mailroom. Other businesses around the world have been able to reduce the overall costs of mail processing, increase the efficiency of the mail process, gain more control over mail exposure, have increased security, and promote safety around the workplace by keeping employees safe from the spreading of germs. If you are the type of company that processes an extensive amount of physical mail, you could seriously benefit by transforming to digital mail.

Decrease of Costs

One of the largest burdens of having a physical mailroom is the amount of labor and time that it takes to receive, process, and distribute mail on a daily basis. Some companies may even need to transport pieces of mail from one location to the next which could be hundreds of miles away. A digital mailroom receives all of the mail into one convenient location and processes everything without the need for extra transportation. The documents that are received are turned into digital files that can be sent anywhere in the world without the need for transportation. For some companies that savings in money can be upwards of $1 per piece of mail that is processed. 

Optimal Efficiency

With a physical mailroom, when the mail is received, it has to go through a series of transactions before it is finally delivered to the intended recipient. Digital mailroom software can instantly transform the physical mail into a digital document that is electronically delivered to the person, or the department that it is addressed to. The response time that it takes for a typical piece of digital mail is immediate. With a digital mailroom in place, all mail can be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure quick service and prompt answers.

More Control

The administrators of the digital mailroom software will be able to create users and give them access to certain documents while blocking access to others. In a digital platform, there won’t be a need for physical copies because one digital document can be accessed by multiple users that have been granted permission to access it. Every time the document is accessed it leaves a digital signature so that each step in the process is recorded and accounted for.


With physical mail, there is no way to control or regulate who gets access to sensitive documents. Paper mail leaves a lot of room for security breaches and information theft. Documents that enter a secure digital mailroom platform are tracked, monitored, and controlled. Only authorized users can have access to certain pieces of mail, and every user is documented whenever they access the mail, even the administrators. Once the physical mail is transformed into digital mail it is either shredded or locked safely away in accordance with the requests of the organization.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of businesses throughout the United States had to implement work-at-home strategies in order to remain operative. Incorporating digital mailrooms into the business structure was a perfect solution to keep employees from having to be near one another. Digital mailrooms greatly reduce the possibility of spreading germs throughout the company. No employees will have to touch one piece of physical mail ever again.

Beneficial For All

Putting a digital mailroom into effect for a business might seem like a complicated task, although it does not have to be. The benefits of digital transformation far outweigh the problems of staying with the old style of paper mail. From saving a substantial amount of daily costs to keeping the employees safe there is no doubt that digital mail can be a valuable asset for everyone in the company.