While many businesses have successfully adapted to the changes that COVID-19 brought upon their business, there’s one department in particular that continues to struggle: HR professionals. These departments are having a hard time finding the same success rate for open enrollment periods in things like healthcare benefits as a result of their employees being outside of the office and having to discuss these benefits online. This post will detail the ways in which your organization can improve its engagement in its next open enrollment period.

It’s hard to say that employees are at fault regarding these rates. It’s totally normal for these employees to have some form of overarching anxiety regarding the pandemic and how it can go about impacting the lives of those they care about. As a result of all of this worry, employees aren’t focusing on their health benefits. Businesses are responsible for making sure their employees are in the loop regarding their benefits despite this, but the challenge now is that they’ve got to do so digitally.

A digital approach isn’t exactly what organizations are used to, so creating a new tailored approach for these times is necessary. Rather than doing so on their own, organizations can work alongside expert providers of business process outsourcing solutions. These solutions are key in boosting employee engagement throughout open enrollment periods.

Tailor-Made Solutions Right For Your Business

The ‘new normal’ that has swept over businesses nationwide has truly shaken up the way that HR departments are approaching these open enrollment periods. These departments can no longer rely on the same tactics and strategies they once did in the office. Things like thick documents and a one-on-one meeting with employees in a physical office space aren’t the safest options anymore. These HR departments are then tasked with making a genuine connection with their employees remotely, which is why enrollment processes that effectively utilize the technology and live guidance from business process outsourcing partners will ensure the best results.

Similarly to the brochures, businesses should first prioritize sending out digital documents via email filled with the information regarding these enrollment periods. Once distributed, a virtual event where employees will be informed of following steps should be held. These virtual events, in connection with microsites, are great tools to reinforce the information found in the digital materials distributed and encourage employees to complete the enrollment in real time. As employees work to complete their enrollment, live experts will be available to discuss any details necessary via video conference or live-chat. This expert guidance makes all the difference.

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