Data Lost Story By A Student Living In Miami & Recovering His Lost Data

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For personal and business use both, the technology has replaced many of the old ways in our lifestyle. The days of papers and documents are long lost, we use USB, hard drives and disks to store and carry our data everywhere. This way the data is easily accessible with a single click and easy to handle as compared to the bundles of papers and files. Along with the advantages comes the fear of the technology failing us. Now, losing data can be a huge loss for anyone. May it be a student, a freelancer, or any organization.

Story of Data Recovery And Its Common Causes:

The process involves restoration of the lost, inaccessible, or corrupted data. A student in Miami was once working on his final year project that involved a lot of research work. After 2 months of extremely hard work and trips to the field of study, he was able to gather all the information he needed to process solutions for his work. The other night when he was processing the raw data into meaningful research papers, he heard a wheeling noise out of nowhere, and by the time he could realize where it came from. It was too late. His laptop screen went completely blank in Infront of his eyes. For a few minutes, he could not believe what just happened and went hopeless.

By the time he regained his senses the first thing he knew was to call for help. The data recovery professionals were there to help him solve the problem. They told him there were two types of possibilities of the damage:

Physical Damage:

Physical damage is one of it, this can be a result of a range of natural disasters, human errors, and incidents. Some examples of the loss may be due to:

  1. Breaking of the device
  2. Power failure
  3. Mechanical breakdowns
  4. Liquid spill

The data recovery team addresses the issue calculates the damage and works on recovering the loss. This requires a proper professional to do the job. Working on a hard drive requires a dust-free and expert hand to work with. this is why it is always a must to refer to a professional for such work.

Logical Damage:

The other type of data loss is logical, this is of the most common causes. In this damage, the data becomes inaccessible. It may be due to human errors or sometimes caused by the software or hardware malfunctioning. This usually requires software to help recover the damage or sometimes repairing the damaged hardware portion.

He was lucky that his hard drive was just malfunctioning and that the people were able to regain the precious data he gathered with such hard work.

When To Use The Data, Recovery Services:

One should ask for help on the very first stage this is where things might go wrong or beyond repairable. The state of data corruption is where the data demands a professional hand to restore and recover the part. Also, be vigilant and watch out for any symptoms of the hardware malfunctioning before it gets worst. Visit us for more details at



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