3 Common Mistakes with Website Designs and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that 93% of adults in the U.S. use the internet? If you’re in business for yourself, a quality website must be part of your digital marketing strategy. You’re missing out on a ton of potential customers otherwise!

When designing business websites, it’s crucial to make them attractive and functional. That’s the key to catching people’s attention, but some companies end up falling short. If there are problems with your site, no one will visit it.

So, what are some of the most common mistakes with website designs today? Keep reading on to find out so you can avoid them!

1. Not Using Any Responsive Design

Take a moment to think about how many devices exist for accessing the internet. There’s an endless number of smartphones, tablets, and laptops of different sizes! You need to prioritize a responsive or mobile-friendly design.

When you create a site without any responsive design, it’ll end up looking different on every screen size. This is a problem because it prevents some people from seeing your content and limits your reach.

To avoid this, find a web design service that can develop your website to look beautiful on any device or screen.

2. Missing Contact Info or a CTA

Depending on your business, most people will probably visit your website to find out more information. They also might look for a way to reach out, so you need to have your contact details listed. Without it, you’re making a significant error.

Also, make sure that the website design company you use includes a CTA (call to action). A CTA helps inspire people to do something on your website, like join a mailing list or learn more about a product.

Both of these elements influence the next steps that people take while on your website. Don’t let your site go live without making sure you have them first!

3. Cluttering the Design Too Much

Remember that most people visit websites to get more information. They should be able to clearly find what they’re looking for with little to no difficulty. If your site is too cluttered, it’ll become a problem!

You might have numerous website design ideas to put in place, but keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. Too many design elements or too much content will lead to a cluttered look. Visitors won’t know what to click on or read first, and you can’t have that.

Avoid this mess by minimizing the amount of stuff on your website. Don’t go overboard on the design, and only include content that’s actually important.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Website Designs

A solid website is essential to succeed in business, especially in today’s digital age. If it’s messy or broken down, people will be deterred from your company. But, by avoiding these mistakes with website designs, you’re sure to have a site that people will want to visit!

If you’re still struggling with your business website, check out some of our other articles for more tips and tricks.

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