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Android Trash Cleaner

Android Trash Cleaner

Many people buy Android phones to user more than a year or two. Using a phone such a long time may cause them to slow down and run out of storage space. That is a kind of problem faced by many Android users all around the world. Doesn’t matter whether you have a high end or flagship phone. With time phones get slower and slower. There are many reasons for that. Let’s discuss what cause for such problems and how to solve them.

Many people used to install many games, tools and apps from play store and forgot to remove unwanted. With time many useless apps and tools get stacked on your phone. Those apps and tool may run on background using RAM and CPU. That cause your device to slow down. Not only that, you may run out of storage too.

Some may delete those apps and games manually to get more storage. But didn’t get much storage as expected. Because uninstalling will keep some files in your storage. You have to use cleaning tool like Clean Master to get rid of those files.

Finding each and every app that utilize CPU, RAM and battery will be hard. You can use NOX Cleaner to find unwanted apps, games that eat your RAM and Storage easily. NOX cleaner comes with many awesome features that helps to boost your phone speed.

Features of NOX Cleaner

Junk File cleaner. Junk files are the main cause to run out of storage. Because you can’t delete them manually. Usually those files get collected from other apps like social media apps. This tool can clean cache files, residue files, downloaded files, and many more.

Antivirus. This tool can-do real-time virus and malware scanning and protect your device from viruses, adware, trojans. This feature helps you to protect your privacy and blocking all privacy threats.

Memory Booster. Use of many apps may cause your device to slow down. Because there is no enough memory to use. If apps and game run slow due to slow RAM, you can use NOX RAM cleaner to clean device RAM quickly.

Battery Saver. There are many apps and tools that run on background eating your battery. Some tasks may run even when you are not using the phone. NOX cleaner can detect those unwanted applications and put them to hibernate. That helps to improve battery life.

You can install tool directly from play store. Many Android devices today does not come with play store service. For those devices can use AC Market. AC Market is one of the best play store alternatives. For Android TV boxes you can use Filelinked. Filelinked helps to install apk files on Android TV easily.


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